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Prof. Dr. Michael Böwer

Dipl. (Social Work), Dipl. (Social Pedagogy)
Full Professor (Social Work Concepts and Theory)

KatHO Catholic University of Applied Siences North Rhine Westphalia
Department of Social Work
19 Leostraße
Paderborn 33098
+49 (5251) 1225-74


Dr. Michael Böwer is Full Professor of Social Work Concepts and Social Work Theory at Catholic University of Applied Siences at Department of Social Work in Paderborn (North Rhine Westphalia, Germany) since March 2011.

Starting up from a dual vocational education in public administration (1990-1993), he studied Social Work (1995-1999) and Social Pedagogy (1999-2003) based on second-chance education system, had been Social Worker at Caritas Germany in Bremen (2001-2011) and at the same time lecturer at the Department of Social Work, City University of Applied Siences Bremen. In 2004 he was certified systemic counselor at Bremen Institute of Systemic Therapy & Supervision. From 2008 to 2011 he recieves a doctoral scholarship of the Hans Böckler Foundation (Düsseldorf, Germany).

His research is on how (social welfare) organzisations can be formed to be more reliable and resilient, to handle unciertainty and unexpected situations in (social work) cases. Therefore he surveys child protection practise and child protection networks in youth welfare services (emp. research 2008-2012), reflected cooperation in child protection of a children's hospital (local emp. research 2013) and error learning results in residental care (report on 'Rauhes Haus' Hamburg 2015, with Fabian Brückner). Actually he analysed prevention concepts against violence in german residential care (startet 2014; see "Veröffentlichungen" and "Forschungsprojekt"). Thereby he focused high resilience and mindfulness research, which is tied on wild-land firefighting, operation teams and other dynamic high-risk industries (Weick/Sutcliffe 2015).

Since 2013 he is publishing editor of german social work journal "sozialmagazin" (edited by Julius Beltz Publ.), beside member of IGfH (German Section of Fédération Internationale des Communautés Educatives, FICE) and German Association of Social Work (DGSA).

In teaching at the Department of Social Work in Paderborn he focusses historical developement of social work and social work concepts (modul coordination), social work theory and social work with children and youth (especially child protection, residential care and youth welfare organizations). In the master program he teaches organizational and network theories and research training around the conditions of child well-beeing and successful growing up between family and public responsibilities.

Actual research project:

>>Prevention Concepts against Child Abuse and Violence in Residential Care<< see: sofis.gesis.org/sofiswiki/Institutionelle_Schutzkonzepte_in_der_Erziehungshilfe_%28ISkE%29.

Latest publication: see link "Veröffentlichungen".

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