Katholische Hochschule Nordrhein-Westfalen Catholic University of Applied Sciences

Progress report of an international student at the KatHO Cologne

Marie-Noelle Ntsame Eya, 24 years, from Cameroon:

“I resolved to study in Germany as my relatives had already gained good experiences of the study conditions in Germany. I wanted to learn German, get to know a different culture and broaden my horizon as a person in the world. I opted to study at the KatHO Cologne beKatHOe the KatHO rightly has a good reputation and offers the degree course, which interested me: Social work. In addition I got to know a KatHO graduate during my internship, who was a great example for me and encouraged me to apply to the KatHO Cologne. In my opinion international students are very well supported at the KatHO Cologne. The lecturers are at my disposal if necessary and take account of my difficulties with the German language. There are always contacts in the international office, who can help you. My fellow students are also willing to help. The degree course has a practical bent and the quality of the teaching is excellent. A particularly good feature of the course is the fact that you have the opportunity of working at the KatHO Cologne as a volunteer or as a student assistant and you can thus participate in all the activities at the university and learn a great deal at the same time. I also really enjoy student life and the experiences that I have with my fellow students beyond the buildings of the KatHO Cologne. Cologne is a beautiful city that has a lot to offer. The Cologne cathedral is impressive. The majority of people from Cologne that I know are open, willing to help and calm. Sometimes you notice the cultural differences in everyday life, e.g. the way people interact with each other and in the media. In addition
I had to learn that there is no poor weather in Germany but just inappropriate clothing. In the cold winter season there is a good reason to be cheerful and have a warm heart: Carnival. The thing that most fascinates me most about Cologne is the fact that all the continents are represented here and there are quite a lot of cultures to discover. That is wonderful!“

Katholische Hochschule Nordrhein-Westfalen 2018