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Living in Cologne

It is important that you set out to find accommodation from your home country before you travel to Cologne. Accommodation is in short supply in Cologne as is the case in a lot of university cities. The international office of the KatHO Cologne will be happy to help you find accommodation. The simplest and most economical option of obtaining accommodation is in one of the student halls of residence of the Cologne student union. You can apply for a room online at www.kstw.de. The rent prices amount to around € 250.00 per month.However the halls of residence only have limited capacities. We therefore also recommend that you search for flats on your own. A lot of students live together with other students and share the use of the kitchen and the bathroom. You can find rooms in shared flats on the internet on the following websites:
www.wg-gesucht.de, www.studenten-wg.de, www.dreamflat.de, www.immowelt.de
However, if you should not have any accommodation upon your arrival you can rent a room in one of Cologne’s youth hostels for the first few nights.

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