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Getting Started in Cologne

Health insurance

You cannot enrol in Germany without health insurance coverage. Please remember to take out student health insurance immediately following your arrival, e.g. with one of the statutory insurers. The costs amount to approx. € 80.00 per month. The health insurance companies from the EU countries are recognised in Germany. Certification concerning the recognition of your existing insurance policy will be issued to you by the statutory insurance companies in Germany. The students have to take out health insurance until they reach the age of 30 (or the 14th semester). That means you still have to regularly pay your contributionstowards health insurance throughout your degree course. Documentary proof of health insurance is also indispensable to extend your residence permit.

The free emergency numbers that apply throughout
Germany are:
Police: 110
Casualty doctor and the fire services: 112


The enrolment (registration) is carried out in the student registration office. You need to take a bank statement documenting the payment of the semester and study fees. You receive your student pass upon registering there, and your travel pass for the public transport
network in NRW. You are also entitled to numerous discounts with your student pass, e.g. in swimming pools, museums, in the theatre and in the philharmonic hall.

Local residents’ registration office

You must register with the local residents’ registration office within the first few days of arriving there. This is located in the district office for your part of the city. You can find the address at www.stadt-koeln.de (in the citizen service section).
You show your passport, your tenancy agreement or confirmation that you have moved into the premises provided by the landlord and your visa. You inform the office of any change of abode within a week.

Aliens’ registration office

Once you have registered with the local residents’ registration office you should immediately apply for your residence permit for the purposes of studying with the district alien‘s registration office in Cologne that is responsible for you. Students from EU states do not require a residence permit. You can find out which district alien‘s registration office is responsible for you by calling the following telephone number:
+49 (0) 221 - 221 - 0.
You must bring the following documents with you when registering: 

  • residence registration of the Cologne City Council
  • health insurance certificate
  • Student Identity Card of the KatHO Cologne
  • proof of financial resources
  • a valid passport
  • a passport photograph
  • money for the issuing of the residence permit

Opening a bank account

As a student you have the option of opening a current accountat the free student rate. To obtain this you must show your passport, a certificate of study and a certificate of studyof the Cologne city council.

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