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Getting a Job in Cologne

Studying in Cologne is relatively expensive as the living costs are high. The monthly expenditure amounts to approx. € 600, i.e. about € 7,200 per year. Due to the demands
of the degree course and regulations governing work permits for foreign students there are only limited opportunities for students to work during the period in which lectures are given. It is therefore imperative that you clarify how your degree course will be funded before entering the Federal Republic of Germany. Statutory restrictions apply to international students who want to do casual jobs. Students from the European Union, the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland do not require a work permit, the same conditions apply for them as apply for German students. Students who do not come from the EEA or Switzerland may only work a maximum of 90 full days or 180 half days without a work permit in Germany.

At the KatHO Cologne it is possible to apply for a position as a student assistant. It is possible to work at the university without any time restrictions. However, the university jobs go quickly.
You can find information on the job offers on the homepage of the Cologne job centre www.arbeitsagentur.de and on the job portal of the Cologne University

At www.daad.de/deutschland/download, the DAAD (German
Academic Exchange Service) provides a detailed explanatory
leaflet on the subject of working in Germany for foreign students.

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