The around 900-student Münster Campus specializes in social sciences. Some 25 professors and 90 instructors teach degree programmes in social work, special education, social management, supervision, marriage, family and life counselling, and nursing. The Münster campus is no ivy-tower institution; it is deeply rooted in the regional community. Its instructors hold positions in committees in the social work profession and the school’s curricula has a practical purpose, with all students conducting applied research, working with local teacher-practitioners, and completing a mandatory internship. In addition, students receive interdisciplinary training in social work and special education – fields once quite different from each other but which today share many areas of overlap.

Münster’s 55,000 students and eight institutions of higher learning give the city a young, vibrant and international atmosphere. The park-filled city is eminently liveable and hundreds of students on bikes make their way through its historic, quaint streets each day. Located in town, the Münster campus’s small and friendly environment help students meet like-minded spirits and feel right at home. It’s a place for teachers and students alike to learn, relax and have some fun.

If you need more information about the Münster campus or your programme of study, please contact your campus’s foreign student representative. If you need more information about applying, contact the International Office.

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