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Research Units

As society changes, qualifications in the fields of social care, nursing and pastoral services have gained in importance. Research at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences aims to identify, study and solve the problems that result from social transformation. By focusing on applied contexts, researchers can better transfer the results of their studies to professionals in the field. The research also serves to ensure teaching quality at the university.

Research Unit: Gender and Transculturalism

An outgrowth of the 2001 project Gender and Social Work, the Gender and Transculturalism research unit was founded in 2005 to understand the changing dynamics of gender and migration in German society.


Research Unit: Education and Diversity




Research Unit: Networks in Social Work

In the past years, social services have become increasingly specialised, with people in need now requiring professionals in an assortment of subfields. The research unit Networks in Social Work focuses on the role of networks in social work and special education.

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