German Institute on Addiction and Prevention Research

Since 1999, the German Institute on Addiction and Prevention Research - the former Platform of Excellence on Applied Addiction Research - has pursued applied research on the sociological and psychological aspects of substance abuse - their aetiology, prevention, and treatment in particular. The institute consists of professors from the campuses at Aachen, Cologne and Paderborn as well as a team of junior researchers. The institute offers undergraduate seminars and lectures and positions for student assistants, students in the thesis phase, and doctoral candidates. In 2001, the institute began offering an accredited Master of Science programme for substance abuse practitioners. This course is organized in cooperation with the Catholic University of Applied Sciences in Munich, where it is also taught. In addition to its research and teaching, the institute hosts a regular lecture series - the Cologne Colloquium on Substance Abuse - which presents new findings on addiction and treatment to the general scientific community.

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