German Institute of Applied Nursing Research

The German Institute of Applied Nursing Research in Cologne is one of the most successful institutes for applied nursing research in Germany. Founded in November of 1999 and staffed by some twenty researchers, it has developed and completed over seventy projects from all areas of nursing and health science research. The institute offers an entire spectrum of services: research, development, evaluation, consultation, academic supervision and expert assessment. Its clients and partners include federal and state ministries, foundations, backers of healthcare facilities, health insurance companies, associations, municipalities, universities, academic institutes, and other organisations.

The institute consists of four departments. Department 1, under the direction of Professor Gertrud Hundenborn, is devoted to healthcare training. It develops, tests, and evaluates teaching concepts and assesses the quality of healthcare-related training. Department II, under the direction of Professor Frank Weidner, is specialised in sickness prevention and consultation. This department concentrates on, for instance, healthcare promotion and prevention and conducts studies on seniors and their caregiving relatives. Department III, directed by Professor Michael Isfort, addresses a variety of questions related to nursing and nursing careers, and conducts representative studies as well. Department IV pursues projects on fundamentals and development.

The institute was founded as an applied nursing institute of the Catholic University of Applied Sciences of North  Rhine – Westphalia, together with four other Catholic institutions of higher education (Freiburg, Mainz, Munich, Osnabrück-Vechta) and four Catholic organizations (Deutscher Caritasverband, Katholischer Krankenhausverband Deutschlands, Caritasgemeinschaft für Pflege- und Sozialberufe, Katholischer Berufsverband für Pflegeberufe). The institute is financed primarily by project funds.

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