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Outgoing Students

Intercultural competencies, language skills and experience abroad are increasingly gaining in significance in the professional fields of social work, nursing and theology. An internship abroad or study at a foreign university offers you the opportunity of broadening your horizons and acquiring international skills. It increases your chances in the national and international labour market and can make it easier for you to launch your career.

Consultancy and information

To discover what options of spending time abroad are available in your faculty you can contact the foreign exchange coordinator of your faculty or the employees of the  foreign bureau of your department. The checklist "Your passage" abroad. Step by step to your destination" serves as a guide for you on your passage abroad.


ERASMUS is a training programme of the European Union for the university sector which promotes the following actions to encourage students mobility: Internship abroad, studying abroad, guest lectureships, staff mobility.


Free Mover

Free Mover is a scholarship programme of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) by means of which students can obtain mobility allowances for a period of study in another European country.


DAAD Travel expenses allowance

You can obtain information on the DAAD travel expenses allowance for internships abroad.


Grant for study abroad

You can obtain information about the terms and conditions, performances and how to apply for a grant for study abroad here.

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