Katholische Hochschule Nordrhein-Westfalen Catholic University of Applied Sciences

Cooperations and Projects

The Catholic University of Applied Sciences initiates and participates in numerous international activities.

International, multilateral and intercultural aspects are to the fore in a lot of research and development projects at the KatHO NRW.

The university cooperative ventures and practical contacts of the KatHO NRW extending beyond the borders of Europe make it possible for students and lecturers to focus on the social impacts of globalisation when acquiring and passing on knowledge.


As a holder of the ERASMUS University Charter the KatHO NRW participates in the life long learning programmes of the EU (ERASMUS) and thus helped to realise the goal of the Bologna process and form a European Higher Education Area.



Bethlehem Project

Annual student meetings and interdisciplinary specialist conferences take place every year within the framework of the university partnership between the Catholic University of Applied Sciences, Cologne university site and the Bethlehem University in Palestine.

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