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Internationalisation is an indispensable development for the Catholic University of Applied Science.
The global challenges in theory and practice for the disciplines offered at the university form a fixed part of the process of academic reflection and find expression in the way the themes of the seminars, lectures and excursions are structured.
The constant internationalisation process of the KatHO NRW is driven forwards by a competent consultancy structure for members of German universities and a comprehensive supervisory structure for members of foreign universities.

Foreign Exchange Coordinators

Prof. Dr. Hans Hobelsberger is the principal of KatHO NRW and responsible for the university's internationalisation. At the faculty level there are coordinators at every department who are available as foreign exchange coordinators who all questions relating to international contacts and exchange options. They are both a partner for the professional consultancy and supervision of the students and lecturers who are planning to spend a period abroad and also for the international students at the unisversity.

Cooperations and Projects

The Catholic University of Applied Sciences initiates and participates in numerous international activities. International, multilateral and intercultural aspects are to the fore in a lot of research and development projects.



The Catholic University of Applied Science of North Rhine - Westphalia is delighted that you are interested in studying or lecturing at our university or maybe have already opted to do so.



The Catholic University of Applied Sciences of North Rhine - Westphalia helps its students and lecturers to study and lecture abroad.



International Office

The foreign contacts coordination office (international office) is the coordinating central office for the international activities of the unisversity.

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