Studying abroad

    As a student of the KatHO NRW you have the option of studying in another country with ERASMUS and extending your social and cultural skills so you can improve your job prospects. At the same time you acquaint yourself with the academic system of a university and profit from their lecturing and learning methods.
    Following the completion of the first year of study you can be sponsored for a period of study abroad of between three and twelve months at a European partner university of the KatHO NRW up to and including the completion of a doctorate.
    31 countries currently participate in the ERASMUS programme: All the EU member states, Turkey, as well as the EFTA/EEA countries of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway.
    You receive a grant of € 180.00 - 200.00 on average per month (as at March 2009) for the costs of living. You are exempted from paying the course fees at the host university. In addition you are provided with support preparing for your stay abroad – in this case participation in a preparatory ERASMUS intensive language course in so-called rarer languages is possible. The academic study performances achieved by you abroad will be recognised by the KatHO NRW.



    Applications for an ERASMUS grant internship must be made to foreign contacts coordination office of the KatHO NRW. Please use the KatHO application form that is available to you here as a download.

    Internet platform of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)

    You can obtain information concerning all the themes relating to degree courses and internships in other European countries on the DAAD internet platform for the intercultural preparation of degree courses and internships in Europe.

    Here you can

    • read the students’ reports on their experiences
    • pose questions on the theme in the forum
    • culturally prepare for your stay abroad
    • and find valuable tips and links for a successful degree course and internship abroad.


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