The ERASMUS university training programme has been promoting cross-border assignments of student and university lecturers since 1987. The KatHO NRW is a holder of the ERASMUS University Charter, which was awarded to it once more by the European Commission in 2007 due to its experience in the field of European university cooperation. The university participates in the lifelong learning programmes of the EU (LLP-ERASMUS) and thus helped to realise the goal of the Bologna process and form a European Higher Education Area.

    Assignment Actions

    The following assignment actions will be supported by the new ERASMUS programme:

    ERASMUS Partner Higher Education Establishments

    Here you can find the partner higher education establishments of the Catholic University of Applied Sciences of North Rhine - Westphalia with which a regular exchange of students and lecturers takes place as part of the ERASMUS programme.

    Katholische Hochschule Nordrhein-Westfalen 2021