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International Congress 2019

The more globalised the world becomes, the more important are local identities. The global becomes effective in the local sphere. This phenomenon, called ‘glocalisation’ since the 1990s, poses various challenges to humans and the social structures in which they participate.The professionals of social work, health sciences and practical theology, who care for people in their social areas, face global developments in a local environment: how can they overcome global problems in local contexts both in a professional and innovative way? What are the consequences for the universities and higher education institutions with their mission of education, research and transfer of knowledge and expertise?


The Catholic University of Applied Sciences would like to revisit the phenomena and consequences of glocalisation with its international partner universities and practice partners from Germany and is therefore inviting you to an international congress in Cologne, the colourful and diverse metropolis on the Rhine.

19 - 21 September 2019, Cologne


Social work, health sciences & practical theology ­
– Higher education in a world with local and global changes

You can look forward to reflective and informed lectures by prominent figures from science, politics and the church and thematically diverse panels in which you can participate and contribute your own expertise. To round off your visit, a varied supporting programme will allow you to explore the city of Cologne, the Rhineland, the social facilities and the work environments.

Content & participation

A congress thrives on the exchange and the expertise of the participating
experts – Come along with your experiences and contribute your own
ideas at one of the panels.


Venue & accommodation

Come to Cologne, the colourful and diverse metropolis on the Rhine!
The congress will be held in the Catholic University of Applied Sciences,
department Cologne. It is located in the centre of Cologne close
to the Rhine.


Registration & contact

The official invitation with detailed information on the programme,
participation fee, registration process and a call for papers will
be sent in January 2019.

Katholische Hochschule Nordrhein-Westfalen 2019