Katholische Hochschule Nordrhein-Westfalen Catholic University of Applied Sciences

With over 1,200 students and two departments, the Cologne campus is the largest of the university’s four divisions. It also houses the offices of the university’s central administration.

Over the past decade, the Cologne campus’s Department of Social Sciences has established itself as one of the leading departments for social sciences in Germany (as ranked by the German higher education think tank CHE), and is regarded highly by students and professors alike. Its programmes are divided into three fields: social work and health; childhood, youth and family; and education and societal integration. The department’s research is focused on substance abuse treatment as well as the field of gender, interculturality and integration. The department is also home to the newly-founded German Institute for Addiction and Prevention. The Cologne campus’s Department of Health Science trains students for careers in management and teaching. The curriculum has a practical purpose and instils Christian values in the students, while a quality management system ensures effective teaching. The department includes the Centre for Nursing Education and School Development in Health Care, the Network for Careers in Health Care and the German Institute for Applied Nursing Research.

Cologne is the largest city in North Rhine – Westphalia and has a population of close to one million. It is known for its cathedral, its Karneval celebrations and its Kölsch. It has a 2000-year-old history, a rich cultural and architectural heritage and plays host to world-renown events. The city’s many universities give students an astounding range of study options and extracurricular activities. The Cologne campus is easy to reach from the city centre and is within walking distance from the Rhine.

If you need more information about the Cologne campus or your programme of study, please contact your campus’s foreign student representative. If you need more information about applying, contact the International Office.

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