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Incoming teachers




Welcome to the Catholic University of Applied Sciences, department Aachen!


We are glad that you are interested in a teaching stint at KatHO NRW!

If you want to teach at the KatHO NRW within the ERASMUS-programme, your home institution must cooperate with the KatHO NRW. The mobility of academics has to be designated in the ERASMUS agreement between your home institution and KatHO NRW.

By having a look at the list of our partner universities you can find out if your university has an ERASMUS agreement with our university.

If you are interested in teaching at the department in Aachen without an existing bilateral agreement between your home institution and KatHO NRW, please contact the central International Office in Cologne or the International Office of the department in Aachen.



All the best,

Your team of the International Office, Dept. Aachen

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