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Practical semester and study abroad
A stay abroad for a foreign semester or practical semester means expansion and consolidation of expertise and language proficiency as well as incomparable personal experiences. The Faculty of Social Sciences offers students various opportunities to complete parts of their degree courses and training periods abroad and gain international experience. Above and beyond this, students can also look for a university admission slot and / or practical training opportunity on their own initiative. Thorough preparation for the respective destination country is a prerequisite for a successful stay abroad. Language proficiency, the expense of the stay, scholarships and the ability to transfer academic credits are of fundamental importance. The practical semester during the fifth semester is an ideal opportunity for a stay abroad.

The Faculty has a wealth of contacts and cooperative arrangements with universities, institutions and practical facilities in European and non-European foreign countries. These can be used for a stay abroad.

For an independent search:
www.wege-ins-ausland.de (downloadable brochure)
www.one-to-one-international.de (for-fee service)

Responsibility for informational events, one-on-one interviews and applications for the Paderborn Campus (Faculty of Social Sciences):
International student advisor:  Prof. Dr. Monika Többe- Schukalla (m.toebbe(at)katho-nrw.de)
Practical training coordinator: Dipl. Soz. Arb./ Soz. Päd. Karl- Heinz Martinß (kh.martinss(at)katho-nrw.de)

in cooperation with the office for intercultural consulting and exchange

Financing and student aid for your stay abroad:
In cooperation with the central administration, the Paderborn Campus offers periodic informational events regarding student aid opportunities (for dates, see: biba ...)

In general, the following student aid opportunities exist:

Foreign student financial assistance scheme (BAFöG)
Recipients of aid under the domestic German student financial assistance scheme (BAFöG) are basically entitled to aid under the foreign student financial assistance scheme at partner institutions or at a university of their choice. Aid is also available for foreign practical training periods with a minimum duration of three months. Proof of proficiency in the national language and language of instruction is prerequisite. Because the assessment thresholds are different, in some cases, an application for aid through the foreign student financial assistance scheme may make sense and be successful even if the student does not already receive aid under the domestic German student financial assistance scheme. (Addresses of the responsible student financial assistance scheme offices according to country: www.daad.de/ausland/index.de.html)

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is a publicly promoted institution of the German universities. It is tasked with promoting academic relations through the exchange of teachers and students. (more: www.daad.de/ausland/index.de.html)

European Community Programs:

Sokrates, Erasmus, Leonardo
The European Union awards various scholarships for studies and training periods for cooperation in the university sector as well as in the service and entrepreneurial sector, sometimes in conjunction with preparatory language courses (more: eu.daad.de/eu/index.html)

Other organizations:
There are various other organizations with whose help students can be supported through scholarships, partial financing and / or accompanying preparations. These are often affiliated with political parties, political-social organizations or churches. One such organization, for example, is the program MissionarIn auf Zeit (“Temporary Missionary”), under the auspices of which various religious orders offer participants the opportunity to become acquainted with missionary work through a temporary assignment in another culture (more at: www.missionarin-auf-zeit.de)

In its information about foreign countries, under medical advice, the German Foreign Office lists vaccination regulations as well as other medical advice regarding specific destination countries. In addition, the Gesundheitsamt (“Public Health Department”) offers extensive information about the topic of “Travelling and Health Abroad” (more at: www.auswaertigesamt.de/Laender/Gesundheitsdienst) as well as especially in Paderborn (www.kreis-paderborn.de).
Language courses           
University of Paderborn Language Center

Volkshochschule Paderborn (adult education programs)

Sprachwerkstatt GmbH Paderborn (private language school)

Landesspracheninstitut Nordrhein-Westfalen (“State Language Institute of North Rhine-Westphalia”)

Various language learning opportunities in the chosen countries before beginning a semester of study or practical learning (more at biba.paderborn(at)katho-nrw.de)

Information about visas for study trips or practical experiences is provided by the embassies and consulates of foreign countries. This is also where the applications are submitted.

Basic information is provided by the following offices in Bonn and Berlin:
Visa service Bonn
Phone: 0049 - 228 367 990

Visa service Berlin
Phone: 0049 - 303 110 160

Peculiarities for visas in the USA, Canada, Australia:
Information through www.travelplusgroup.de

Field reports
Students’ experiences abroad can be very valuable and important. They can be summarized voluntarily in a written report and be published on BiBA’s Internet pages (more at biba.paderborn(at)katho-nrw.de)

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